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It's very commendable how you've managed to create a functional script using only in-game quotes. It's a restriction, but you used it to your advantage. Any editing to the sound was done very well, nearly seemless.

Animation was very expressive and humorous. I loved the shot of the Scout running away, and the grinning Spy-Sniper.

An exceptional TF2 flash.

I love you Caramelldansen.

And I love any incarnation of it.

Scare-Crow responds:

Then bi-conditionally you love me too.
lol thank you Ashford <3

Great job!

It really captures the feel of the other "Meet the..." videos. You also did a good job of emulating the cel shaded graphics of Team Fortress 2.

Big laughs were had!

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A fantastic sequel.

It's everything that made the first one great, but revamped and even more exciting.

A must play for anyone on Newgrounds!

Great game!

Excellent sprite work, you really are talented!

Loved all the references the Lucas Arts games, and I love how this game takes me back to my days of playing Day of the Tentacle.

Fun, challenging, and good for a laugh.

Hilarious and Fun!

A simple and classic beat 'em up with personality and flair!

It's done with such enthusiasm and character that you can't help but laughing as you attack the denizens of the world.

Great playable characters.

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And when I'm reviewing...

Great job! It's awesome to see someone follow through with a parody. Can't wait for the completed version.

sonicmega responds:

Thank you very much for your enjoyment, good sir. I will do my best to make sure that final edition is as good as it can possibly be.

I remember your thread on this!

Haha! Great job! It was really funny. I love the mystical sound effect that plays everytime Jesus talks.


Great job. It really sounds like the original piece.

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Great idea. Great execution. Great image!

You did a great job with the composition on this one, the hunter and his partners surrounded perfectly by trees, the Onyx, and their shadows, drawing the viewers eyes right to them. Looks like the sort of thing I'd see sitting in a comic book store, all it's missing is an issue number.

Great job of combining the world of Pokemon and Monster Hunter and still being able to create a piece that's unique and distinct from them, it doesn't rely to much on either the style of Pokemon or Monster Hunter, it's all you.

A fantastic companion piece to your flash. I immediately wanted to watch it after seeing this poster.

Nice Miku!

Her right ponytail just seems a bit to small, though. Considering the proportion, I can't seem to rationalize her right ponytail becoming that small, considering it is the same size as her other one. That's my only real issue.

I love your use of a white outline as opposed to a black one, that's something that you did that was a very smart move. It gives her a much starker profile only using one small move. It really seperates Miku from the background. Well done!

Darkspawn13 responds:

The right ponytail is smaller because of the angle and the look I was going for.
Oh, and Nice FOE avatar by the way. lol

Awesome to see some Bonus Stage fanart!

I was a big fan of this series way back when it was still going, happy to see someone make a tribute for it. It's a nice belnding of Matt's style and your own.

Good job.

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